Elena A. Leontyeva,

candidate of philological science

Tel.: +7 909 798 0998

e-mail: dr.jelena.leontjeva@hotmail.com

Homepage: www.translator-in-kaliningrad.de






Personal details:

Full name:                                Elena Alexandrovna Leontyeva

Birth date:                                01.09.1979

Birth place:                              Tyumen, West Siberia

Marital status:                          married

Academic degree:                    candidate of philological science


Educational history:

1986 – 1996                            Tyumen’s school №36, golden medal

1996 – 2001                           Tyumen State University, faculty for German and Romance philology, diploma with distinction, qualification: «Linguist, teacher for German and English, speciality «Intercultural communication»          

11.2002 – 06.2005                 postgraduate course at the Tyumen State University, chair for the English language, speciality: contrastive linguistics

25.06.2005                             successful presentation of the theses: «Point of View in the Narrative (based on contrastive analysis of modern Russian short stories and their translation into German)», awarding of the grade of a candidate of philological science

09.2007 – 08.2008                 postgraduate study at the Kaliningrad State Technical University, European Klaus-Mehnert-Institute, specialty: European studies

Employment history:

10.1999 – 03.2002                 teacher of English, Tyumen school №28

08.2001 – 01.2005                 assistant, chair for German philology, Tyumen State University

11. – 12.2005                         interpreter (German), Tyumen branch establishment «Ochacovo» (brewery)

2006 move to Kaliningrad, freelance work

                                               - translation and design (German x English x Russian) of documents, presentations, reports…

                                               - interpretation (sequential and simultaneous) at German/Austrian-Russian meetings, conferences and negotiations to the topics of horticulture, environment, education, telecommunications, construction

                                               - preparation, organization and escorting of business and individual trips to Russia (German x English x Russian)

01.04. – 06.06.2008               work at the Austrian-Russian friendship society in Vienna (society establishing contacts between Austrian and Russian institutions, companies and private persons) as a trainee in the context of the study at the European Klaus-Mehnert-Institute

15.04. – 15.05.2009               traineeship at the European Parliament (Department of External Parliamentary Affairs), Brussels

08.2011 – 07.2012                 support of the construction firms BRUCHA GesmbH and Plattenhardt + Wirth in Kaliningrad

Additional data:

EDP                                        Word, Power-Point, Photoshop, Internet

experience in                            organization of construction works, support of business contacts

abilities                                    logical and analytical thinking, accuracy

interests                                   journeys, languages (Polish)